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25 Images That Prove Kids Are Weird Little Humans


Kids are lively, smiley, happy, and weird. Yes, weird. These pictures are the proof for that. Take a look!

1- That’s a new way to drink your juice


2- That’s a great idea!


3- And the cat too…


4- WTF


5- Pig face!


6- Such a talent!


7- She accepts any kind of guests


8- LOL


9- Good idea! Realistic


10- That’s how she cleans it


11- That wish should be banned


12- He LOVES Nesquik


13- A piece of art. Abstract


14- “I’m on sale!”


15- A future film star. Horror movies


16- So cool!


17- I wonder if she’s comfortable


18- “Come here window glass! Kiss me!”


19- “You’re gonna be my new pet! I don’t care you’re dead!”


20- Two pets


21- “It was the dog!”


22- “Mmm I like this water!”


23- It’s good for the skin


24- Panty-ninjas


25- Dirty kiss!






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